Osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine - symptoms and treatment

Osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine or other parts of the spine is something that more than 90% of people will have to face. In this disease, the intervertebral discs suffer the most. They collapse, going beyond the space allotted to them. This causes pain, as the deformed disc begins to compress the nerves.

Not to mention scientific words, osteochondrosis is the wear and tear of the spine. In modern life, there is a different charge in different parts of the spine. Therefore, something wears out quickly (in -30-40 years), something wears out slowly (in 50-70 years).

With sedentary work, osteochondrosis most often affects the lumbosacral region. It is about him and his treatment that we will talk about in this article.

Why is osteochondrosis inevitable?

The spine is structured to support enormous loads. But due to his upright posture, he works around the clock all day. In addition, the slope instantly increases the load on a given part several times. And if you sit, leaning forward, your spine will be under permanent colossal pressure. And the person does not feel this overload. This is the first reason for the appearance of osteochondrosis.

The second and most dangerous is a spasm of the back muscles. These muscles are able to stay tense for hours - for example, keep your back straight all day. The hands are not capable of such work. Try to clench your fists tightly for at least 10 minutes, then open them. You will feel pain. And the back muscles have a different structure - they are tonic. Because of this, this area spasms. And he himself does not pass.

A person may not feel a spasm of the deep muscles of the back, but at the same time, foci of overload are created. At these points, the spine constantly pulls in one direction - downward or in a horizontal projection. This causes osteochondrosis or scoliosis.

Osteochondrosis in the lumbosacral region occurs more frequently than in others. This area, in the first place, suffers overload during sedentary work.

muscle spasm with lumbar osteochondrosis

How to be treated well at home?

Effective treatment of lumbosacral spine osteochondrosis at home is possible. At the same time, it must be understood that this disease is chronic and it will not be possible to get rid of it completely. But you can remove all negative symptoms in the form of pain, fatigue and "forget" that this problem exists.

Also remember that before age 40, osteochondrosis arises due to lifestyle. And without changing your life, you will need to have therapy regularly - once every 2-3 months. The most efficient and economical way to do it yourself at home.

Treatment should be based on normalizing muscle function and strengthening it. First, you need to remove the spasm (it is the root cause of thoracic osteochondrosis). To do this, you can use a series of exercises using a device for complex spine correction.

The device is based on autogravity technology. Its essence lies in the fact that the force of the impact is determined by the person's own weight. This allows you to exercise safely at home.

Exercises with the device are relatively simple - it is necessary to lie down one by one with each column on the device and lie still for 3 minutes, trying to relax as much as possible. The entire procedure will take no more than half an hour. It is important to exercise the entire spine, as only complex therapy can be effective.

The device relieves spasm, improves blood circulation and restores intervertebral discs due to 2 actions:

Activation of proprioceptors. It is the most effective muscle relaxant. Proprioceptors are active at rest in the muscles and passive at the time of tension. That is, its forced activation makes the muscle relax.

Stretching the muscles and spine. The device raises the column slightly off the floor. This takes the tension out of the intervertebral discs, allowing them to heal. The distance between the vertebrae increases, protrusions and hernias are pulled back. In addition, the elevation of the spine allows the muscles to be stretched, which leads to their relaxation. The device is recommended by physical trainers, osteopaths, neurologists and chiropractors. It is also actively sold in Slovakia, Spain, Mexico, France, USA, Czech Republic.

treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis at home

High-quality treatment of lumbosacral spine osteochondrosis is possible!