Low back pain, how to treat at home

Pain in the lumbar spine is considered a common phenomenon and the reasons for its appearance can be different. Often, this symptom appears from hypothermia, pathologies of internal organs and degenerative changes in the spine. In women, low back pain can be caused by various physiological features of the body and pregnancy. Elimination of such an unpleasant phenomenon can be carried out with the help of drugs and folk remedies. To find out why the lower back hurts and how to treat it at home, you can consult a specialist after a thorough examination.

Why does the lower back hurt

Discomfort and primary pain in the lower back are usually caused by degenerative-dystrophic changes that affect the intervertebral discs and joints. Over time, the pathological process spreads to the vertebrae and adjacent tissues. The result is back pain and the development of pathologies such as osteochondrosis, spondylarthrosis and spondylosis.

lower back hurts

Such diseases progress slowly and eventually become chronic. With the development of any complications, the patient is worried about acute pain, and this condition requires mandatory treatment.

Secondary pain in the lumbar area can be triggered both by diseases of the musculoskeletal system and by pathologies of other organs.

Experts identify some provoking factors, under the influence of which pain in the lower spine can occur:

  • injuries of the musculoskeletal system of a congenital and acquired nature;
  • systemic and rheumatological diseases;
  • problems with metabolic processes in the body and pathology of the endocrine system;
  • malignant tumors in the spine and adjacent tissues;
  • inflammation of the muscles of the lower back;
  • spinal injuries and injuries;
  • gynecological diseases in women;
  • pathology of the urinary system.

The cause of pain in men in the lower part of the spine can be prostatitis and increased physical exertion on the body.

How to treat lower back at home

Many people who suffer from spinal pathologies periodically experience bouts of low back pain. Most of the time, they appear completely unexpectedly, so it is important to be able to provide medical care in a timely manner.

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In case of lower back pain, it is necessary to lie down on a hard, flat surface, and this should be done slowly and carefully. It is possible to reduce the load on the spine and eliminate discomfort if you lie on your side.

When the pain subsides, it is recommended to roll over onto your back, which will allow the muscles to relax. It is best to place the lower limbs on an elevated platform at a 90 degree angle and remain in this state for about 15 minutes. This position helps your back muscles relax and align your spine.

After eliminating lower back pain syndrome, it is necessary to stand up correctly to prevent its reappearance. To do this, turn onto your side, get on all fours and use any support. Only after that is it allowed to get up and release the back only last.

After giving the patient first aid, it is important to firmly wrap the lower back with a scarf and thus fix it. In addition, when treating at home, it is permissible to take a drug with an analgesic effect and visit a doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment.

medical therapy

To eliminate back pain, various medications can be used, but only a doctor should select them. Treatment can be carried out with the following drugs:

  1. Painkillers. These medications are good for relieving acute attacks of low back pain, but overuse can cause side effects. To eliminate the pathology, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be prescribed;
  2. Narcotic drugs. Medications in this group can be used for a short period of time under the supervision of a specialist;
  3. Antidepressants. The dosages of these medications vary in small amounts, and with their help, it is possible to relieve some types of chronic back pain. Basically, tricyclic antidepressants are used to eliminate the pathology;
  4. Topical pain medications. These medications are available in the form of an ointment, cream, or gel, which should be rubbed directly into the painful area.
  5. Muscle relaxants. In case it is not possible to get rid of the pain with the help of over-the-counter pain relievers, a muscle relaxant is prescribed. Taking these medications can be accompanied by the development of side effects such as drowsiness and dizziness.
back pain medicine

If all the above measures do not bring relief to the patient, doctors may prescribe the use of a medication such as cortisol. An anti-inflammatory drug is given as an injection into the space around the spinal cord. With its help, it is possible to minimize inflammation around the nerve roots, but it can take several months to completely eliminate the pain syndrome.

When a nerve is compressed in the lumbar region and the pain spreads to the leg, treatment must be carried out with B vitamins. Thanks to them, it is possible to strengthen and restore the areas where nerve tissue is affected.

It is important to remember that any medication must be agreed with a specialist, and only he will be able to answer the patient how to cure the lower back.


Exercise therapy for back pain should combine the following types of exercises:

  1. Stretching. Proper stretching of muscles in combination with active exercise helps maintain normal activity in muscles that suffer from spasm or atrophy. Patients experiencing lower back pain should focus on stretching the muscles in the lower back, abdomen, legs, and hips. Yoga is considered a good preventive measure, which relaxes the muscles and keeps them in good shape;
  2. dynamic exercises. Such exercises can be performed with special balls, and their main purpose is to strengthen the secondary muscles of the spine and keep it in various ranges of motion.

It is recommended to complement physical therapy exercises with swimming, cycling and brisk walking. They have a positive effect on muscle stagnation and improve the general state of the body.

back massage


At home, you can massage and use oil of oregano, juniper, sage, lavender and other types. When performing this procedure, the following sequence must be observed:

  • for 2-3 minutes, warm the back by stroking with the palms of the hands;
  • rub the skin with oil with the upper phalanx of the thumb or the base of the palm with slow upward circular movements;
  • the tense muscles of the back are kneaded with both hands: one of them comes with pressure and the other relaxes, lightly stroking.

As an emergency aid for back pain, self-massage is suitable, for which you should clench your left or right hand into a fist and start drawing spirals with it in the area of discomfort. All movements must be smooth and precise, and strong pressure must be avoided. It is permissible to perform such self-massage on a painful place every day several times a day.


After it was possible to stop the back pain syndrome, it is allowed to practice therapeutic exercises and gymnastics. It is important to remember that it is prohibited to use it during exacerbations. To get a lasting positive effect, you need to practice every day.

A physical therapist must select a set of exercises, taking into account the characteristics of the patient's condition. When performed correctly, the exercises help to strengthen your back muscles and eliminate pain. During exercise, it is necessary to monitor the absence of pain, and if there is pronounced discomfort, it is necessary to reduce the range of motion.

Folk remedies

It is possible to alleviate well-being with back pain with the help of alternative methods of treatment, but before using them, it is recommended to consult a specialist.

therapeutic compresses

To eliminate back pain and restore good health, you can use the following recipes for compresses at home:

  1. It is necessary to mix vinegar and honey in equal amounts and spread the cabbage leaf with this mixture. This compress should be applied to the lower back on top and wrapped with a handkerchief or warm scarf. It is recommended to carry out this procedure several times a day for half an hour;
  2. You can grate radish or horseradish and combine the resulting mass with sour cream in a ratio of 1: 1. This remedy should be applied to the back and covered with a warm scarf. The duration of a procedure is from 1 to 1. 5 hours, and usually, after time, the pain syndrome completely disappears;
  3. It is necessary to grind raw potatoes and horseradish with a grater in equal proportions and mix with 5-10 ml of honey. The resulting mixture should be applied to the painful back, and the procedure takes 1-1. 5 hours.

A good effect in combating pain gives a bow, which can be applied all night on the lower back and wrap it with a warm cloth, after crushing it in a blender. You can dissolve mustard powder in water until it forms a mass of homogeneous consistency and apply it on the back for 5 minutes. Healers say that after removing this compress, you will definitely feel better.


The rapid elimination of pain is facilitated by a method such as friction, which can not only increase blood flow to the affected area, but also improve metabolic processes. It is better to carry out this procedure before going to bed with the help of the following means:

  • hot honey;
  • a mixture of iodine, valerian, triple cologne and crushed red pepper;
  • alcoholic tincture of eucalyptus, adam root or burdock.
back pain ointment

A good effect in eliminating pain in the lower back gives a mixture prepared from 10 grams of tansy leaves and flowers and a glass of boiling water. This mixture must be infused in a thermos for an hour, then strained and mixed with 5 grams of soda. With the help of a remedy, daily rubbing should be done before going to bed for several days.

Infusions for internal use

It is possible to deal with the pathology with the help of means intended for internal use. At home, you can use the following recipes for low back pain:

  1. It is necessary to grind the cinquefoil root and pour a mass of 500 ml of vodka. The resulting mixture must be left to infuse for 1 month, after which it must be taken several times a day, 1 tbsp. I;
  2. You can pre-boil 10 basil leaves in water to evaporate all the liquid. After that, the pain medicine should be cooled down and a little soda added to it. The resulting mixture should be taken orally daily several times a day;
  3. Soak some wheat in water and leave this dough overnight. In the morning you need to add cilantro and boil the mixture in 200 ml of milk. It is recommended that this medication be taken twice a day until the pain syndrome is completely eliminated.

A proven and effective folk remedy for back pain is elecampane wine, for the preparation of which 100 grams of yeast are combined with a liter of honey and 30 grams of crushed root. The resulting mixture is placed in a three-liter jar, a little water is added, and a perforated rubber glove is placed on the neck. After 30 days, the container is placed in the refrigerator and drunk ½ cup in the morning and before bed.

Preventive measures

Home pain therapy can be carried out both in the chronic course of pathology and to relieve an acute attack. This therapy is suitable for young and old patients.

To avoid back pain, it is recommended to actively move and do exercises that aim to strengthen the muscles of the spine and lower back. Simultaneously with the ongoing treatment, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the peritoneum, as well as regularly exercise in the pool and pump the press.

Women should refrain from wearing high heels and platform shoes, which will reduce the load on the spine and lower back. It is necessary to sleep on a solid orthopedic mattress, as such a measure helps to completely relax the spine and prevent spinal pathologies.