How to cure arthrosis of the knee joint

the main manifestations of knee joint arthrosis

In arthrosis, the cartilage tissue becomes thinner, covered with a mesh of small cracks and wears out quickly, exposing the bones. Acute pain occurs, which reduces the mobility of the knee joint. The disease develops due to deposits of calcium salts in the muscles and ligaments.

Professional athletes, overweight people and knee injuries are at risk. Osteoarthritis is treated with diets, folk and medications, which trigger the restoration of cartilage.


Calcium salts enter the human body with the wrong foods and unfiltered water. A balanced diet encourages cleansing of the body from harmful deposits and prevents bone deformation. The diet is also recommended for overweight patients. Extra pounds are an added burden for sore knees.

Nutrition for arthrosis has two functions: it restores cartilage tissue and normalizes body weight. A person will have to comply with several rules:

  • Eat low-calorie foods.
  • Never skip breakfast.
  • Snack when you're hungry.
  • Divide food into small portions.
  • Food is not fried. Just boiled, roasted and steamed.
  • Strict diets and medical fasting are prohibited.
  • Don't go to bed on a full stomach.
  • Eat 4 to 7 times a day.
  • Drink water, jam and decoctions.

The main task of the osteoarthritis diet is to normalize weight. Pork and beef can be eaten twice a week. Cutlets, meatballs and other meat dishes are prepared with chicken breast or turkey, a rabbit is also suitable. Sausages, lard, ham and smoked meats are prohibited, as is butter with sour cream.

Make chicken jelly or jelly weekly. Legs, wings, chest are used. Meat is stripped of fat and skin to reduce its caloric content. A little bit of gelatin is added to the dish. The additive belongs to chondroprotectors. The substances initiate the renewal of cartilage tissue and stop bone deformation.

Oily fish such as mackerel, salmon and trout improve joint function. Seafood is prepared twice a week.

Calcium sources are useful for a patient with arthrosis:

  • lettuce leaves;
  • parsley root and stems;
  • cottage cheese;
  • yogurts without sweeteners or flavors;
  • fermented cooked milk;
  • dill;
  • kefir;
  • whey.

Foods that contain B vitamins prevent bone deformation. They include black and grain bread, egg yolk, seafood and peas, hard cheese, bananas and baked potatoes.

The body needs tocopherol. Vitamin E removes inflammation, increases the elasticity of cartilage tissue and increases joint mobility. The disease is mitigated by the germination of wheat, nuts and pine nuts, hazelnuts and flaxseed oil.

A patient with knee arthrosis is advised to include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. Permitted use:

  • zucchini;
  • pineapples;
  • carrots and Chinese cabbage;
  • broccoli, pumpkin and apples;
  • grenades;
  • lentils, beans;
  • raspberries, black and red currants.

The body's metabolic processes are restored with cereals. Only polished rice and semolina are prohibited. Vegetable oils are useful, but more than 1 tbsp. me. In one day. It is advisable to drink a decoction of rosehips, raspberry branches and leaves, as well as green tea.

Cartilage is restored with cottage cheese and dried fruit desserts, seasoned with yogurt. Only gelatine is necessarily added to the dish.

With arthrosis and being overweight, you should avoid semi-finished products, pickles, white cabbage, chips and cookies, breads and cakes. Marshmallow and halva, canned meat and fish, pates, offal dishes are contraindicated.

You can't get carried away by hot spices: mustard, paprika, black pepper and pepper. The amount of salt is reduced to 5 g per day. The seasoning is added to the dishes after cooking, not during.

Burdock, honey and juices

treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint with burdock

Osteoarthritis begins with circulatory disorders in small vessels located near the knee cartilage. For pain and destruction of bone tissue, massage is recommended. One of the most common is honey.

Muscles and cartilage tissue are heated with salt or a heating pad for 10 minutes. Apply a little liquid honey to the skin and rub the bee product with stroking and patting movements. The procedure takes 20 minutes. The remains of the sweet product are washed with warm water and a compress is applied to the sore knee.

Blood circulation in the cartilage is restored with burdock leaves. Take 5 to 7 fresh samples, place them in a pile and place a kettle with hot water on top. The skin is treated with vegetable oil, such as sunflower oil or olive oil. Badger or bear fat is also suitable. Hot sheets are applied to the sore leg, wrapped in plastic wrap and elastic bandage. Cover with a woolen shawl.

Burdock can be washed and kneaded instead of being heated. When the juice comes out, apply triple cologne on the fluffy side. Attach to the deformed joint and secure with a plastic bag on top - a warm scarf. On the second day, the leaf is smeared with honey and then with cologne. On the third day, the bee product is replaced by garlic porridge. On the fourth day, ointment is used in place of honey and cologne. The compresses alternate for 2 months. Break - 4-6 weeks. Burdock leaves restore joint mobility, reduce swelling and discomfort.

Treat arthrosis with tincture of black radish, cranberry and beet. 500 g of wild fruits and vegetable roots pass through a meat grinder and the dough is poured into a bottle. Pour 0, 5 liter of brandy, insist in closed container for 10 days. The medicine is drunk in the morning before breakfast. Take 30 ml of liquid. The interval between courses is 2-3 months.

Severe knee pain and swelling are treated with celery. The entire plant, along with the stems and roots, is washed and crushed. Squeeze the juice out of the dough and store in a glass jar. Drink 60 ml three times a day. Food is consumed after 40 minutes. The cake is applied to the knee at night. Before the procedure, the skin is moistened with vegetable oil.

An osteoarthritis medication is prepared from celery root. The workpiece is cleaned and washed, crushed. Measure 1 kg of dough and mix with 1 liter of vodka. The white bottle is removed to a dark place for 10 days. The filtered celery product is stored in a bottle. The cake is left in a jar, 1 liter of water is poured. The resulting aqueous infusion is mixed in equal proportions with vodka. They drink 60 ml of medicine half an hour before eating. The course lasts 5 to 6 months. The infusion of celery stops the destruction of the cartilaginous tissue and removes the pain.

Eggs, horseradish and dandelion

Joint mobility will be restored if the patient rubs protein on the skin daily. The egg is broken, the contents are poured into a bowl. The transparent mucus remaining on the walls is removed with a finger and applied to the painful knee.

The beaten chicken egg remedy relieves severe pain. Take half the protein and the same amount of yolk, beat with a fork. Add 10 ml of turpentine and 1 tbsp. me. Apple vinegar. Massage the workpiece on the inflamed knee, cover it with a cotton cloth and a plastic bag. The procedure is repeated 4 times a week until the symptoms disappear.

Apply horseradish compresses to the deformed joints. The fresh product is rubbed and boiled in water. The dough should boil over low heat. It is impossible to boil the workpiece. The hot product is spread over gauze and tied to the sore knee. The compress is prepared with fresh and dried roots. The course of treatment lasts until the discomfort is completely gone.

Calcium salts are removed from muscles and ligaments by dandelions. Pour 300-400 g of fresh flowers into the bottle, fill the container with vodka. Triple colony is also good. Grinding is required for one month. While the medicine is being prepared, fresh dandelion flowers are consumed inside. Choose 5 pieces daily, wash and chew slowly. The plant tastes bitter, but you cannot eat or drink it. In winter, fresh flowers are replaced by dry leaves. The billet is first dipped in hot water and the swollen pieces are eaten before breakfast or lunch.

Rubbing infused dandelion is applied to the knees after heating. The medicine is rubbed into the joints with smooth and gentle movements. The sore leg is wrapped with a film and a tissue, the dressing is left until morning.

Clay, berries and elecampane

folk remedies for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint

The cabbage leaf removes calcium salts from muscles and ligaments, as well as burdock. The product is dipped in boiling water, beaten with a hammer and soaked in honey. The knee is wrapped in white, the compress is wrapped in a woolen scarf.

Apply blue or red clay to the inflamed cartilage. The product removes accumulated fluids, reducing swelling and pain. The powder is diluted in cold water and stirred with a wooden spoon. A creamy paste is applied to a clean, dry knee in a thick layer. Secure with a cotton cloth and bandages. The leg is wrapped in a scarf for 4-5 hours. The remains of clay are removed with baby wipes or cotton swabs, the ointment is rubbed on the knee. The treatment lasts 5 days.

In the period of exacerbation of arthrosis, the elecampane helps. The crushed root is purchased at the pharmacy. Mix 25 g of raw material with a glass of vodka, insist in a dark place for 14 days. Rub with strong pain and stiffness.

Inside with arthrosis exacerbation, take a gelatin tincture. In the evening, dip 5 g of powder in 100 ml of boiled water. In the morning, the jam is made of thick dough. Dilute 1 to 1 with water and add 1 tsp. Dear. The taste of the medicine is improved with lemon or any other juice.

The inflammatory mass of the joints is boiled from gelatin and milk. For 5 g of dry ingredient 120 ml of liquid base. Bring the dough to a boil, sweeten with sugar. Store in the refrigerator, eat 2-3 tablespoons a day. me. milk jelly.

The destruction of cartilage tissue is stopped with lotions. The tool includes:

  • iodine;
  • medical bile;
  • 10% ammonia;
  • glycerin;
  • dear.

The products are mixed in equal proportions and placed in a jar. Used after 14 days. The composition is impregnated with gauze or cotton fabric, applied to the knee for 4–6 hours. The compress is tied to the joint with a bandage or plastic wrap and a tissue is tied over it.

Lingonberry leaves cleanse the body of calcium salts and prevent the formation of thorns. Dry raw material powder is mixed with water, boiled for 15 minutes. The broth is drunk instead of water when the feeling of thirst arises.

Lingonberry tea helps with osteoarthritis. Berries are fermented with boiling water: 2 tablespoons. me. fruit 1 liter of hot water. The drink in an hour is divided into 4 portions and drink per day. The lingonberry infusion is done 30-40 minutes before meals.


therapeutic exercises for knee arthrosis

Blood circulation in the inflamed knee is restored with moderate physical effort. Light exercise relieves painful sensations, reduces swelling and slows down the aging of the joint.

Patients with advanced disease are advised to start with regular walks. You need to take 3, 000 steps a day. The distance is gradually increased in order not to overload the legs.

Gymnastics can be done at home:

  1. Sit on a chair or chair so that your heels don't touch the floor. Straighten your back, place your hands on your armrests or hips. Rock the lower part of the affected leg back and forth.
  2. Stay on all fours, rest your hands on the floor. The inflamed knee touches only a hard surface, but the main load is on the upper limbs. It remains in this position for 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually, the load on the sore knee increases, but it is impossible for painful sensations to arise in the joints.
  3. The patient walks slowly across the room on all fours. The floor must be covered with a rug or soft rug. A hard surface hurts inflamed soft tissues.
  4. Sit on a chair, put your feet on the floor. Rest your toes on the floor, lift your heels off the floor. Count to three and return to the starting position. Do 20 to 50 repetitions.
  5. Stay in the chair. Support your heels on the floor and lift your socks. Reach the ceiling for 3 seconds and return to the original position.

A patient for whom simple exercises do not cause knee discomfort can squat 10 to 20 times a day. Lower the pelvis not too low, so as not to overload the damaged cartilage. Go up smoothly and without any sudden bumps.

Arthrosis preparations

Folk remedies remove calcium salts from muscles, slowing the destruction of cartilage tissue, but decoctions and compresses are best combined with pharmaceutical preparations. Arthrosis patients receive non-hormonal and chondroprotective anti-inflammatory drugs.

treatment of knee arthrosis with medications

Non-steroidal drugs have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Thanks to pills and gels, the edema decreases, the deformation of bone tissue slows down. Non-steroidal medications affect the functioning of Organs digestive organs, liver and kidneys, so medications must be selected together with a doctor. The medications alleviate the symptoms, but do not restore the structure of the cartilage.

Chondroprotectors normalize blood circulation in the knee joints. It means eliminating the cause of the disease and starting to renew the cartilaginous tissue.

Cartilage repair activates collagen. They produce pills for internal use, ointments for external use and injections. Injections are one of the most effective treatments for osteoarthritis. The medicine is injected directly into the joint, so that it is better absorbed. Collagen is prescribed during remission, when the patient is not concerned with pain and swelling.

Arthrosis is treated with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid preparations are recommended to be injected directly into the joint. The product covers the bones with a protective film that prevents friction and wear of the cartilage.

The osteoarthritis medication is combined with vitamin complexes that contain tocopherol, ascorbic acid and beta-carotene, as well as magnesium, boron, calcium, copper and zinc. The components increase the level of collagen in the body, interrupt the inflammatory process and normalize blood circulation in the soft tissues.

Arthrosis is one of the most common diseases. Young and elderly patients face cartilage destruction. At the first symptoms of joint deformity, folk remedies, vitamin complexes and pharmaceutical preparations should be used to interrupt the inflammatory process and delay the knee's aging.